The mommy paradox


Salutation! Greetings!

Mommy Charlotte here! Mommy to an adorable 1 year old monster, by the name of Bennett. Life as a mommy is so paradoxical. I love being a mommy, don’t get me wrong. But, I long for the nights when I can get a full 8 hrs of sleep. I long for days when I can do sit back and waste away an hour just doing my make up. I long for days when I can just sit back and drink a cup of tea listening to a country song…


I would not trade being a mommy to Bennett for anything!!! Life as a mom hit hard for me. Hey, can’t blame me, for the past 30 years, I was just doing me! Now I have to adjust to being a mom. Life’s a juggling act- and lots of room for trials and errors.

Btw, anyone feel this way too? Let me know…it helps knowing I am not the only one.

With love,

Mommy Charlotte


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