Just Do It!!!

So what took me so long to start my blog? By long, I literally mean it took me over a decade to finally just do it. Sounding some-what like the NIKE slogan: Just Do It! Well long story short, it boiled down to my insecurities. And to those who knew me in my early 20’s, they may disagree because I was that girl who appeared to be someone who was fully secured of herself.

However, underneath all the make up, I was just a girl who was afraid to fail.  So I became an over achiever which in some cases, worked out in my favor. But, in some case, it didn’t. For example it permitted me to try new things, such as starting a blog.

Anyone reading this blog, please share a mantra that help you overcome your fear. For me, I’m going to stick with NIKE: Just DO It!


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