Family Fall photos and body issue

One of the many things Bounmee and I share is our love of Autumn!!! To capture it,  we booked a family fall photo session (see below). Bennett was about 6 months in the photos (he’s one now).

We did our family photo session at Williamland Park, Sacramento. Simply because it is just gorgeous this time of the year! Plus, it is right across from the Sacramento Zoo and only a few blocks down is the yummy Free Port Bakery (award winning bakery here in Sacramento)!

Though the timing was gorgeous, I was feeling quite the opposite. Having that it is about 6 months post baby, and still haven’t lost much of my pregnancy weight, I really was not in the mood to take photos. Body image issue.


I was told that nursing helps you shed the baby weight faster. And I was nursing for the amazing benefits for my son and for my body.  But I was also eating a lot! Something I learned as a nursing mom is you will eat and drink like no tomorrow. So I didn’t experience a drastic weight loss.

But I fear if I didn’t go through with the photo session, my little family and I will miss the beauty this time of the year brings.

If you are in a similar situation, ask yourself: 10-15 years from now, will you regret taking the photo or regret the fact that you didn’t take photo. I was the latter.

So what is an extra 10bs? Besides I don’t think anyone can really tell (thanks to giant over sized sweater/jackets). I just tossed on my Big Girl pants and did it. And I am so glad I did because memories are so precious!!!


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