What I learned as a mom

I thought I was “prepared” to be a parent. Really- I thought I was going to breeze through this thing known as parenting…

Oh boy, how was I WRONG!!!

By prepared, I meant I did the following:

  • Took courses in child development & parenting (& don’t mean to brag but, I aced the class/exam);
  • On top of that I am a child/family clinical therapist for goodness sake!
  • Adding to this, I helped care for my baby nephew….that should suffice, right?

Well yes and no…

First of all, every child is different. well duh, the classes/textbooks all say so- so why am I still surpise? My experience of caring for my nephew, that went out the window! What works for my family, might not work for yours. You just got to find what will work for you and your little one.


Sleep deprivation is real: Hey I thought I had seen sleep deprivation when I was going to college for my undergrad/graduate study. But that was a different ball game because I was just doing solo-me! Unfortunately for myself and Bounmee, my little guy woke up every 15 minutes of the night (not kidding!) up until he was 6 months. And let me tell you That. Was. Not. Fun. He’s  one now, and has gotten a better but I’m not going to jinx it.

My sense of anxiety heightened

I’ve always been an anxious person and being a mom exacerbates it—like 10xs more!!! I suppose watching the news doesn’t help so whatever you do, don’t watch the news (I mean it). And don’t watch 20/20 or Dateline! Wars, femime, havocs out of our country’s, havocs within our country, outbreak of new diseases, the sexual predators out there, the list is endless (cringing). I just want to wrap my son up and hide in our bedroom to shield him from it all. Realistically- not possible!

Being a mom is beautiful

Being a mom makes you so much more aware that it is not about yourself anymore. For me, it really is beautiful because it is a selfless and natural process. I didn’t know I had this much love in me to give until I had my son. The mother-child bond is so authentic and it’s just a beautiful thing.

Mama Bear

Bounmee can attest that being a mother has helped me discover the mama bear in me. As a parent, times become that much more precious, so I really don’t have the inclination to take any BS from anyone.

and lastly:

The smile on his face, his giggles, when he just crawls to cuddle and snuggle next you. Sigh …it’s moments like this, that makes up this mommy journey so worth it!


Please share a trait and strength that you discovered about yourself as a parent!





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