Tips on newborn photos


If you are contemplating to do newborn shoots or not, my answer is to JUST DO IT! You won’t regret it. Seriously, it is so worth it. Because babies don’t stay tiny forever. We did Bennett’s newborn photos when he was 6 day old, and trust me, even within a week, he grew so much. The only regret I had was not do it sooner. Due to my C- Section operation, I delayed the photo shoot a week so I can recover a bit.

These are my tips for choosing a photographer for your new born photos.

1.) Budget: Look at your budget, how much are you willing to pay for newborn photos! Just like weddings, newborn photos can be outrageous! We paid around 1500.00 for ours (this included the fees to secure the session and ONLY the CD). Since we got all of the photos on CD, we just took it to Walmart photo center and print it out there and I personally felt like our photos turned out great. Be realistic about your photos, your photos will probably not look like something from Anne Geddes if the price is on the lower end.

2.) Do your research: Newborn photos are not easy to capture. Make sure your photographer has ample of experiences with family/newborn, because newborns are needy. The photographer that I went to, had her studio’s temperature really warm to make my son comfortable because there are many photos where he is in his birthday suit. My photographer also allowed me to nurse in a private room. She was really flexible to work with. My son even pooped and we had to change his diaper then and there too.  The whole session was supposed to be 2 hours, which dug into 4 hours with no additional charge for us.

3.) Props: Props are awesome! The more the merrier! You can stick with simple cute props that your photographer already has or  I say bring your own props. Find something that symbolizes your love together as a family, or a family heirloom to make your photo that much more meaningful. When we arrived at the studio, we saw that some family had included family heirloom pieces and we really like that idea so we learned the hard way and Bounmee had to drive back home to grab the heirloom (which was an hour drive to and fro).

4.) Location: I live here in Sacramento, Ca. My newborn didn’t like car rides. The photographer we used operatated in Fair Oaks, CA so it was a good 20-30 minute drive for us and that was too long for my little guy. Consider if you want someone to drive to you and take photos in your house or do you want a studio setting?

5.) Pamper yourself: Yea, simple as that. Do it! I know you’re tired but you’ll thank me later. I should have took my own advice- well how was I supposed to know? But seriously, I just had a major operation! And who looks good after a week post a C-Section, with an infant? This is the equation for under eye bags/circles lol

6.) Lastly book your appointment early!!! I booked mine at least 2 months in advanced and we discussed what will happen if little man comes sooner or later than the expected date. Because let’s face it: Doctors don’t always get it right lol



Please share your tips, or your experience or it you are planning to take newborn photos in the comments below! I would love to hear from all of you!



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