Family time

Thanks to daylight saving, my family and I are able to spend a little more outdoorsy time and so we try to take advantage of this as much as we can. We normally take a small stroll to the park where my son can  ride in his blue buggy. You can get this blue buggy here: Step2 Whisper Ride II, Blue


Over the weekend, we visited the nearby pond. Once we arrived at the pond, my son enjoyed gazing at the ducks and turtles, while I fed them pieces of bread crumbs. I was certainly taken by this as he normally has short attention span. He really was taking all of nature’s serenity in. It was just a blissful moment!


I seriously don’t know why, I get such joy from taking photos. Seriously, my phone storage is full of my son’s photos. It’s became really a love- hate relationship debating over what else to delete next to free up some space to capture more photos lol I’m sure you moms out there can relate. I can’t help it, my little monster is growing so quickly that I feel the need to encapsulate as much as I can (teary eye moment). And so with this blog, I feel like I can memorialize these moments that means so much to me.

And I will end this post with this photo of me watching Bounmee  and Bennett walking, side by side, hand in hand, father and son. Happy (early) Father’s Day to all fathers out there. With father’s day right around the corner, do share some great father’s day gifts. I will share mine with you in another post!


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