More evening family walks/buggy review

I’m noticing that we are utilizing this buggy more and more (making the $ count). With this weather (Sacramento summer heat), we tend to do our family walk in the evening. This guy loves this buggy-no doubt about it! It’s nice, because he’ll walk for a little bit, gets tired, and ride in his buggy with either mommy or daddy doing the work of pushing him around in it.

I mentioned this buggy in a previous post, but if you haven’t read it yet and  are interested in getting the same buggy, you can get it here:Step2 Whisper Ride II, Blue


Review starts here:

The buggy has an adjustable strap so my son is secured in it. It has a yellow horn that honks whenever he wants to push down on it. The hood of the buggy also opens and you can store little snacks in it (that’s what I use it for anyways). The handle has a cup holder (which I use to store my cell phone so I can push him hands free). There’s also room for sippy cup of milk/water (by the steering wheel) to keep your little guy happy on your small excursion.


Bennett loves it when we’re running next to him as he rolls freely downward (as seen in the photo below). Bennett has the biggest grin on his face when we’re running and pushing the buggy.


If you have any questions regarding this blue buggy, feel free to ask. It’s working for us right now, he is 14 months now, so we’ll see how long til it’s time to upgrade lol.


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