A fortuitous encounter…

So for those of you who know us (Bounmee and I), you probably are aware that we moved quite fast with our relationship and you probably were bracing yourself for a ship wreck. Hey I can’t blame you; if I were you, and had a friend like me, I definitely would have my doubts too.

BUT!!!! BUT!!!! BUT!!!! Listen to me…

Sometimes in life, things happen and you just have to go with the flow (this coming from a Type A personality)...and this is one of those time in life where you have to stop living by the rules and make it an exception because all the stars aligned!

So long story short: Bounmee and  I met in 2014 and started off as friends. Come January 2015 we made it OFFICIAL to the world that we were exclusive! That summer, I moved in with Bounmee. April 2016 we were blessed with Bennett! And here we are standing stronger than ever taking on life together as a team!!!

Do I recommend you to take this approach to finding your Prince Charming? Probably not.  In fact I dread the day that would come when I have to tell Bennett to “do as I say not as I do.” In my defense, we were of age and ‘knew exactly what we were both doing.

I have no regret!!! I am at my happiest ever in my life!!! I would have to say if there is one thing I did right in life, it is that I got with Bounmee.  To be honest, my life was a complete utter disaster up until I met Bounmee (but that’s a story for another time).



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