How to get over the girlfriend break up

It’s been over 4 years since my girlfriend (gf) and I broke up and I still miss the good times…

No!!!! SCRUB YOUR BRAIN! I’m talking about a girlfriend-girlfriend-share- your -deepest- darkest- secret- type-of-relationship!!! Get it now…

The truth is friends break up all the time…it’s a normal thing! Whether it’s because you had a huge verbal altercation or just both just simply drift away doing your own thing…no matter how innocuous the reasons may be, it’s NORMAL & it HURTS!

While you are grieving remember to be kind to yourself. That means
make yourself a priority (remember to eat, drink plenty of water, and get your rest)
avoid social media (if possible)
Try a new hobby (for me, it was running half marathons)
-Lastly give yourself time

It is ok to ruminate every now and then. But if the friendship is really over…than it is over. Learn from the opportunity and march on… just like what everyone say about boyfriend/girlfriend break ups: There are plenty of fishes out there! This applies here too!!!

Share any other tips that you may have to help one overcome a gf break up!!!


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