Are you becoming your parents?

There was a time when I remembered telling myself that  I will never be like my mom. I mean my mother wasn’t the greatest…but she wasn’t the worst too…she is human. She has good and bad qualities like all humans do. Do you guys find yourself doing that too? And then realizing that you are really becoming your parents.

My mother…she expected me to:

  •  be giving—to the point where I have nothing. For example: If I had a toy or candies, she expected me to hand it over to the child next to me if that child wanted it.
  • know how to sew traditional Hmong attire as early as 5-6 years old
  • wake up as early as 4 AM as young as 8 years old
  • spend a day farming at the cucumber farms  (It’s cultural thing- here in the States, we call that child labor lol)
  • cook with her and not play with kids my age
  • the list goes on…

Now that I am older, I can see why she has such high expectations.

Have you ever read the book: The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan (1990) Mass Market Paperback– if not, you should or you can watch the movie: The Joy Luck Club Blu-Ray, and have a better idea of what I am saying. F.Y.I. I can really relate to the character, June Woo, who had a super critical mother and did not understand her mother’s love until after mother’s death.

Simply put, I am her daughter. She expected more from me, she expected me to be selfless, have humility, and be a person of strength, and strong work ethic…

As with age, comes wisdom:  I understand that when I love someone, I want them to strive to be better too.

Ok so going back to Bennett—parenting is a learning curve so give me some leniency here peeps.

Bennett and I were surrounded by kids his age at Barnes and Noble. This little boy walked over and wanted his toys, I told him to hand it over, teaching him to share (I don’t think he understood so obviously he didn’t). However, when he wanted the other kids’ toys, their parents did not expect them to hand it over…

Epiphany—it hit me like a brick!

My standards for my 1 year old is TOO HIGH!!! I had became my mom! So following the book store, we visited the park where he can enjoy being 1 years old.


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