Testing limits

The BIG  question here is: How do you handle your child testing your limits?

Yesterday, he was crawling into the cabinets and getting under it.


So I firmly told him, “No, Bennett.” Probably not the best word to a child’s ear…

Instead of listening to me, he did it again.

Testing mommy, eh?

Well I told him, “Ok one more time and you will be on time-out.”

Of course, he did again!

That’s it! No more chances. I carried him over and put him in the living room where there is a child-proof gate to lock him in. I firmly told him, “Ok, you are on time out.”

Did he understand that he was on time out for crawling under the cabinet? Yea, he didn’t get it. He just stood by the gate, bawling his eyes out.

Aawwwwee my poor little guy…oh my heart couldn’t take this any longer. I gave in, unlocked the gate and embraced my son with open arms! Mommy is so sorry…

Wait-a- minute!!! This is not fair!!! I shouldn’t be the sorry one, I told him not to go under the cabinets and he wasn’t listening…

Oh well…who has to know.

Ain’t it funny that as a mother, the “right” thing to do is to enforce limits and set consequences my child, yet it is probably the hardest thing to do.  Because, it makes you feel mean, as if you are the villain here. I certainly dislike being the bad guy, so this backfired today…

Hopefully it will be get better…

But I figured the first step is taking control. I can’t control everything, but I can most certainly control these cabinets with safety lock/child proof locks. In case you are wondering, these are the locks I am using and they work wonders 👍



Here is the link if you are interested in these locks:

Adoric Baby Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks – 6 Locks+2 Keys – No Drilling or Screws Needed

Sliding Cabinet Locks For Child Safety | Baby Proof Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Storage Doors | Childproof Safety Locks For Knobs and Handles | Easy Install (4 Pack, White)

So that is one of my problems solved for now. Feeling somewhat like a super-mom!

Any parents out there, please do share how you handle your kiddos testing your limits.

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