What my day entails

Small background information before I jump into what my day looks like:

-I’m a mother to a 1 year old son-Mister Bennett! He is the joy of my life!!!

-I work full time in Sacramento in a social service field.

-I have my Masters Degree in Social Work and in the process of becoming licensed. I have obtained all my hours and I will be taking the exam this year (Wish me good luck).

-I blog simply because it is my creative outlet. I have been wanting to start a blog for many years now, and I am happy I finally am doing it now! If you are thinking of starting one, do it!

Ok…so you made it this far…so by now you understand that I am wear many hats. Do I do it all? No— BUT, I try…better to try than not at all, right?

Here is my day in a nutshell:

4:30 AM- alarm goes off and I want to hit snooze but I can’t so I wake up, shower, do my morning routine (slap on my face & coffee)

5:00 AM- drive to work (I am very fortunate that Bounmee drops Bennett off in the morning — I’m pretty grateful for him doing that).

5:30 AM- Arrive at work and my work is confidential so fast forward to 3:00 PM

3:00 PM- Drive home (depending on traffic, I may arrive earlier or later)

3:30 PM- Pick up Bennett (My favorite part of my time) and give (or at least try to give) him his afternoon nap; while he naps,  I do quick cleaning sessions/snack/cook. If he doesn’t nap, he is extremely cranky and needy and I won’t be able to do much around the house.

4:30 PM Bennett wakes up and we play for a bit or snuggle a bit too long (Because it’s been 8-9 hours away from each other). I personally think working 8 hours a day, allows me to more present with my son.

5:00-6:30 PM Feed Bennett dinner & clean. I normally feed him first, and then I allow him to self feed to promote fine motor skills. And, because he self feed, it gets pretty messy so I have a lot to clean.

7:00  PM Give Bennett his bath. I normally wear him in his pajama right after bath time so tis explains why most our family evening walks, he is in his pajamas lol I assure you, he doesn’t wear his pajamas all day.

7:30 PM Dad gets home from work (One of my favorite part in my day) and we normally do our family evening walk around our neighborhood

8:00 PM I hit the shower/do night routine (skin care is a MUST for me) while Bounmee and Bennett have quality Daddy/Son time.

8:45 PM Put Bennett to sleep- he normally goes to sleep by 9:15-9:30 PM.

9:30 PM Get excited!!! BLOGGING TIME!!! Honestly, it is really my ‘Me-Time’ so that is why I look forward to it so much!

I operate on this schedule Monday-Friday. Saturday is the only day I allow myself to be a bit more flexible (because it’s SATURDAY-my favorite day of the week).

I understand being a mom means being flexible and working with Bennett’s schedule so if Bennett is sick, or going through a growth spurt, my schedule will not go accoridngly to this. I love schedules! I thrive on that. As a clinical therapist for the past 4 years, I know most, if not all, kids thrive on schedule too so I really try hard to be consistent with Bennett.

***(speaking in 3rd party) Due to her busy schedule, this mommy is asking for some leniency…thank you!

Phew!!! What a day!!! Come 11 PM and I call it a night…

What I would really like to do is incorporate exercise into my day. As of now, it’s almost impossible.

***Prior to my son, I was pretty fit. I ran 5-8 miles a day and now I am just a couch potato…

Please share your schedule/daily routine as a mom…


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