Bennett at the Sacramento Zoo



I guess my son is pretty lucky we are in an area with a local zoo. I mean, the closest I ever got to a zoo was through books, like, Curious George, or movies like, George of the Jungle…wait, was there a zoo in that movie?

Oh back to the zoo.

The Sacramento Zoo is located in the beautiful William Land Park area of Sacramento. It is 14 acres and home to over 500 animals (so plenty to see)! Inside, it has a café where you can get food and drinks. I, of course, immediately got my cup of joe, which is no-brainer!!! This mama needs her caffeine-fix. I got the kids juice, and Bennett just had his regular 2% milk!

We took plenty of pictures and ended the day at the carousel. I have to add in here that there is a gift shop at the entrance/exit, and what kid doesn’t want a souvenir? To be honest with you, I am some-what happy that Bennett doesn’t know how to ask for toys yet, otherwise, I can see daddy will have a hard time trying to leave the zoo without a goody.

Parking is on street, and you can find more parking space across the street, by Fairy Tale Town. You might have to drive around a bit because parking fills up fast. I can’t recall the price of admission, more so because we went with Mason ( Bennett’s 6 y/o cousin) and used his zoo membership- so free admission! Hey, I can’t complain!


I honestly thought my Bennett would not have enjoy the zoo. For these very reasons:

  •  C’mon! He is 1 years old
  • He is going to miss his nap time (which means cranky baby)
  • Mommy’s gut feeling is always right, right?

On the contrary, Bennett actually enjoyed it!!! Yes, I’m serious! He LOVED the zoo and had a great time! So much —That Bounmee and I are most likely going to get the zoo membership as well. So if you are ever in the Sacramento area, the zoo is the PERFECT way to spend the day with the family!

Please share any other zoo you have been to that your child really enjoyed- the next zoo I plan to hit is the San Diego Zoo!





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