A super hero theme party


I am a little late on this post as my son is already 1 years old.

BUT- Better late than never!

+Plus, I wanted to post it, in the event it may help anyone who wants to throw a successful super hero theme party.

Lucky for me, I had the most amazing party planner (drum rolls) my sister-in-law! She took care of everything! From the activities to the decorations to the party favor! Seriously, this woman can and should start her own party planning business! Her work is amazing! I feel like she should be writing this post for me since she is really the brain behind my son’s successful birthday party!

Planning a birthday party or any type of party can be stressful. Here are small steps for you to take:

  • Plan the date and be sure to check weather: We had plan this birthday 2 months in advance and it just so happened that it rained on Bennett’s birthday. Because- like, who knows the weather forecast 2 months in advance? Due to the weather, the back yard was just in disarray and the bounce house was cancelled (keep reading for the surprise).
  • Have a budget/ identify the number of guests: Your budget goes hand in hand with the number of guests you plan to invite!
  • Send out invitations early: We live in a busy time people! The earlier your family and friends know the date, the higher the chances of them making to the party. Don’t forget, invitations can be easily sent out via text messages or other social media networks.
  • Accept help!  Yes, accept help from anyone who is willing to help you! The party would not have been possible without all the help from Bounmee’s family or my family.
  • Enjoy the party…go with the flow… be flexible: (Here is the surprise) Oddly, the rain went away around 6 pm and the bounce house company was willing to drop off the bounce house for the kids. Had the rain not stop, we would have to forgo the piñata too!!! Can you imagine a party without a bounce house and a piñata??? Yea, scary thought huh?

I only took care of was the cake (I placed the order and Bounmee picked it up because it was a pretty heavy cake) and some meal prepping.

I gadly accepted help from everyone who was willing and able to cook a dish (thanks to Lianne, Khamlah, Susan, Kay, just to name a few).

I got this amazingly yummy cake from Freeport Bakery (award winning bakery here in Sacramento). The top layer was the popular fruit basket flavor and the bottom layer was champagne cake flavor! Delicioso! Here is the link to Freeport Bakery if you are interested: https://freeportbakery.com

Some of the activities we had going on included:

  • Simple coloring super hero activities: You can easily get these for free online, check out this site: http://colorcutandcreate.com/i_color_superheroes.php
  • Pin the star on Captain America’s shield (follow the same rules of pin the tail on the donkey): You can easily make it with construction paper.
  • Hulk Smash for prize: This is a title I made up (basically you hide small prizes behind tissues and when your child smash it, they get the prize behind it). We got this idea from http://www.attagirlsays.com/2015/04/24/superhero-party-ideas-the-avengers-age-of-ultron/.
  • Batman piñata: No brainer, you should know how to play this game, get the pinanta, candies, blindfold (optional), and stick-you’re ready to go! Another idea, is instead of candies (because, as if the dessert bar isn’t enough?), we grab a piñata with bouncing balls! Easy on the sweet tooth!
  • Superhero Bounce House: With all those kids running, this is the perfect solution for them to channel their energy!
  • Capture the bad guy: We didn’t get to this activity, but mainly what you do: is have all the super heros try to capture the villain (which you can nominate your husband) and tied him up in tissue roll.

Photos are of our guests enjoying the party 🙂

All and all, Bennett had a blast! Thanks all the family and friends for making his birthday a success

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