Advices on finding the right daycare center for your child

So you have made the decision to return to work…and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Where will you put little one? This article is for you if you are looking for a daycare center.

These are my advices to help you find the right daycare:

  • Do your research: Look around for a licensed daycare that meet your work schedule, find out the distant proximity from home/work to make sure you will make it on time to pick up your child (to avoid late pick up fees).
  • Start scouting early: daycare for infants fills up quickly, don’t be surprise if the daycare you want is full and have a long wait list.
  • Set up the appointment with daycare staffs, center directors, and interview each of them to make sure they are a good fit for your child.
  • We observed the staff interactions with the infants (this is crucial as this is how they will most likely be towards your child).

By now you have found a daycare center one that is a good fit:

  • Read the policies thoroughly & understand all the fees (i.e. Deposit fee, monthly fee, last week fee, late payment fee, late pick up fee, dropping out fee) ***this is the time to ask if you do not understand any of the policies in place.
  • Gather needed documents (i.e. Immunization, day care contracts, etc) and submit it on a timely manner.
  • Your child is ready to start! Bring tissues (it will be a sad departure on the first day —if you are like me).
  • GET TO KNOW THE STAFF– Develop a good relationship with them, your child is in their hands!
  • Voice your concerns! Your child cannot speak and you need to be his/her voice!

Additional advices (optional)

  • Occasionally drop in (if your work schedule permits) and observe how the staff are towards your child/other children.
  • Pick up your child at different time of the day (if your work schedule permits) to make sure level of care is consistent.

So these are the tips I wished I should have known when I was searching for a daycare.

Just F.Y.I. My son is no longer in daycare (I will explain in a different post).

Hoping this helps! Good luck!!!


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