10 reasons why my relationship is thriving and how yours can too

Though I am fairly new to motherhood, I understand completely that having a good relationship with Bounmee is the key to building a good foundation for Bennett.

The way how Bounmee and I interact with each other is going to impact Bennett consciously or unconsciously and we both understand this—which is why we both work so hard to strive for perfection.

Ok—realistically: No relationship is perfect- I get it! BUT— we are working towards perfection and that is what matters!

Here are 10 reasons my relationship with Bounmee is thriving:

1.) We communicate: On a daily basis, our day, our plans for tomorrow, our son, our family/friends, our concerns, our problems. In a nutshell -everything!

2.) We have common values/beliefs: We have strong work ethics, we both do not care to go party/live it up every weekend, we both value family, etc.

3.) We make time for each other: Despite our busy schedules, we always make time for each other and our little guy.

4.) We help each other by doing little or big things to keep each other stay sane in our busy life. There is no “It’s your turn to feed Bennett”—whoever hears Bennett does it. There is no “It’s your turn to wash the dishes”- whoever can wash it, just wash it.

5.) We learn from each other: I have learned so much from Bounmee. He is really the smartest man I know and that is so such an attractive quality.

6.) We acknowledge our mistakes and apologize when we have wrong the other. Remember this: “Apologizing doesn’t always mean you’re wrong and other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego.” “It’s better to lose the battle and win the war.” Ok—no more quotes!

7.) We remind each other daily that we love each other. Small reminders goes a long way (Bounmee sends me songs which I find it so cute).

8.) We understand our future goals and support each other’s goals.

9.) We give each other alone time because we understand we have our own hobbies and interests.

10.) We have mutual respect for each other. Respect means doing all the above and loving each other flaw and all because no one is perfect.

Ok—if you are a close a family member/ or friend of ours, you would attest that we seriously we do all of this!!! And probably more. But I have to keep this list to 10 only.

If you are already doing this—-virtual high five to you!!! Please share how you maintain a healthy relationship in the comments below.

And don’t feel bad if you feel like our relationship sounds perfect and yours isn’t. Our relationship isn’t perfect. We have our moments too! Our disagreements/ disputes—but we follow #1. Communicate/listen and #6. Apologize

We are both are doing this for each other and more importantly for our son because he deserves the best from us.

Just imagine growing up in a home with parents who were matured, communicated, and respected each other—

But all to often, this isn’t the case for most children. This is the unspoken truth: many children come from broken homes, witnessing domestic violence, being victims of physical abuse, and other traumas.

And sadly…the cycle repeats…but you can break this cycle for your child/children.

Let it start with you.


2 thoughts on “10 reasons why my relationship is thriving and how yours can too

  1. I really like your blog and the look of it! Your content is very relatable and easy to read. You all look like a beautiful, happy family! One suggestion I have is to categorize each post. Right now, each post is “uncategorized” but I think it helps to have some categories with tags. Then, readers can search or see related content. Look forward to hearing more from you!


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