Fashion budget tips from a frugal mom


Being a mom has really made me that much more conscious of how I spend my money. Simply because we all know a baby in today’s modern time is not cheap! From diapers, to formulas, to baby wipes, to who-knows-what-else-baby-needs, these are my fashion budget tips to help your saving account grow and still allow you to stay fashionably chic!

First tip know your body type and your size/measurement! Knowing these as starter will make a dramatic difference in how the clothes fit and look on you!

For so long, I have been wearing ‘regular’ sizing which is way too long/big on my petite figure. Just F.Y.I: I’m barely 5′. I used to pay extra for hemming, so now I know my trusted brands that carry ‘petite’ sizing and just this alone has save me the cost of a tailor.

2nd—Find a style that you know for certain you already love! How do you know you love this style: Well ask yourself, how often do you wear it? Does it make you feel good when you wear it? Are you excited to wash it so you can re-wear it? If the answer is yes, then you love it!

It boils down to: you need to get to know yourself! As you grow, so will your taste in style. By knowing myself better, I discovered I am spending less and wearing more of my clothes. Whereas a few years ago, I was doing the complete opposite, spending more, but wearing less of my clothes.

Ok—so let’s start with the fashion budget tips that I have learned over the years.

1.) Quality over quantity: The item does not have to be designer, but it should be a good quality piece that will last you many years. When you have a good quality piece, you will find that you are spending less because it’s more durable so you don’t have replace it as frequent and you will probably care more for it.

  •  I used to always buy purses from Walmart or Target (nothing against Walmart/Target- they carry a lot of items that I love and use daily). Though I love the price($15.00-30.00) and my purse- after a short 3 months or so, the purse would fail on me and I would have to repurchase another one.

2.) Shop sales/clearance: I do this all the time! As soon as I enter the store, I head straight to the clearance aisle. Or if I am shopping online, I click on the clearance section first! Most of the time, clearance are already slashed off dramatically, and sometimes there is additional savings at check out. I mean, how can I say no to a good sales?!?

3.) Be patient– Evaluate the item if you need it asap or can it wait? If you can wait-do so until the item goes on sale and than snatch it like a lion (although there could be a possibility that the item or the size is not available so up to you to chance it).

4.) Look at other sites (Poshmark/EBay/Mercari/ect.) if they have similar listings or possibly even the same thing. Chances are, you will pay for less for it! Not kidding, I bought a brand new with tag J. Crew coat for only $65.00- (which retailed for $300.00) on Poshmark!!!

5.) Buy winter items during summer and summer items during winter. Go to Nordstrom   or Macys and look at their boot/coat selections (because it is summer as I am typing this) you would be surprised at the savings!!! Come fall/winter, the prices for these pieces will def. hike up.

7.) Find staple pieces that you can pair with multiple pieces you already own in your closet! Trends comes and goes so find something clean and classy that is going to last you season after season.

8.) Recycle your clothes. There are many people out there willing to pay for your gently used clothes on EBay/ Mercari/ Poshmark. Why not, make side $ from your clothes/shoes/even unused make up to build that dream closet of yours?

Hope this help!

If you have any other suggestions for me on fashion budgeting, I would love to hear it so I can stretch mah-dollas!


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