The search for the perfect oxford/review

Long gone are the days of 4-5 inch heels.

As a full time working mom, I am always  on-the-go! Thus, it would only make sense why I am always on the hunt for cute and comfortable shoes to meet the needs of my busy life.

I discovered Louise et Cie last year when I was looking for oxford. I must say that Louise et Cie oxford met all of my criteria.

Aesthetic: No joke! Every time, doesn’t matter the season, when I wear these babies- I get a ton of compliment- from my colleagues to complete strangers! It took me awhile to get use to all the attentions I was receiving.

Height: Finding an oxford with a bit of height has always been a problem of mine because the oxford is borrowed from the traditional boys oxford loafer. This pair provides a 2 inch heel, giving me tad-bit of height!

Comfort: Because it is only 2 inch in height, I can wear it all day. Not to mention, it did not hurt my feet at all.

Durability: Well I have had this oxford pair for about a year now and I am still rocking it! A shoe that still looks good after a year!?! The shoe overall is incredibly well made! Yassss! Stretching my mollas!

Although I got both pairs from Nordstrom, you won’t find these babies at Nordstrom anymore.

But if you are interested, you can find them at an even better price from Nordstrom Rack. Hurry because it may be already out of stock.


By the way, I love to rock my oxfords with ankle pants. F.Y.I this red ankle pants is on sale!


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