How to handle keeping up with Jones

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To be honest with you, I did not have any form of social media until 2 weeks ago when I opened an Instagram account (so I can find more bloggers). Though I am addicted to it, I just couldn’t help but to compare myself, my life with theirs. I even showed Bounmee the photos – they seem to have it altogether, they travel the world looking flawless, polish and picture- perfect.

Just F.Y.I. a lot of people I follow on Instagram are: mom/lifestyle/beauty/travel bloggers because that I is what I like and I enjoy so you can only imagined the photos they post. ***Please note: I am in no way blaming Instagram or anyone I follow on Instagram. ***

I am content with my life, but I couldn’t help feeling slightly envious of how beautiful their life is. Almost as if all my hard work and success was not good enough. Because if it was good enough, I would be somewhere on a beach in Cancun sipping on pina colada with the wind blowing in my hair, right???

Of course not!!!

Reality check woman!!!

Real life and photos are the always the same thing.

These photos are just a small glimpse into their lives. Who knows how hard they had to work to get there, or the sacrifices they had to take to get there. Remember the man at the top of the mountain did not just fall there.

This feeling sparked a fire in me!  I need to work on myself, work on my life to get to  where I want to be. This means- sacrifices- I really have to cut down on many of the things I enjoy. This means budgeting (cringing) so I can later soak in the rewards too.

You’re probably thinking how did I get from feeling envious of others to my personal life goal??? Because, that is exactly how you should handle keeping up with Jones!

Instead of comparing and feeling like the envy green monster, why not flip it around to you!?! What is it about the Jones that you value? How can you get there? Are you willing to make the sacrifices to get there? Are you ready to take action or are you comfortable where you are at? It falls back on you. Where there is a will, there is a way, my friend.




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