Reasons behind why I co-slept with my son

With all the news about SIDS, co-sleeping is somewhat controversial and please note I am not pushing co-sleeping in no way with this post.

I shared it in my previous post that I co-sleep and so these are my personal reasons why I opt for this option.

1.) I come from a family where co-sleeping is the norm! My family has been practicing this tradition for years. Sorry doc, but I am following the family tradition.

2.) It could very well be that I was just lazy!!! I was tired as is, I was nursing y’all! As my son wakes up at night, it was just easier for me to position myself so my son can easily latch on, and I can drift off to sleep, win-win!

3.) Lastly, it works! Co-sleeping works for Bounmee and I. We both love having our boy right next to us and so did our son. You do what will work for you.

I will also share that all the reasons above are true, however, it could also be due to this is my first child. I was pretty anxious so it calmed me nerves knowing baby was in the same room/next to me.

When my son was a newborn up-til he was about 4 months, we used this Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Comfort – Blue-Grey Dandelions to prevent either one of us rolling over on to him (just new parent anxiety).

I wanted to toss it in here that with the plethora of information from the internet, if you are looking for reasons as why you should co-sleep or why you should not co-sleep, you will find it all on Google! So don’t rely on Google too much, but rather on your mommy-intuition.

Please share if you co-sleep or not and reasons (if any).

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