How baby changed my relationship for the better

I’m just going to be frank- babies have a bad rep for relationships! So the thought of how a baby will change Bounmee and my relationship was nerve-wrecking! Add on the pregnancy hormones and you have one crazy woman!

Ok- back to how baby changed our relationship…

We def are not able to spontaneously get away from the city as much (i.e. less sight seeing, hiking, dining out, fine dining (does that word even exist?), yada yada, the list can go on guys. But this is how baby changed my relationship for the better.

I always knew Bounmee loved me, but the way how he interacts with Bennett (from the little things  to the big things he does for Bennett and I) just reaffirms the love –THAT MUCH MORE!!!

Yes-love making is set on pause (guys we both work f/t too) at the moment. But with a baby, you will find that love is more than just copulation!

Love is your husband washing the bottles just because, or your husband giving your son a bath so you can relax for 15 minutes, love is your husband waking up to feed baby so you can sleep soundly, love is your husband stocking the fridge with Starbucks coffee to ease your zombie brain (see how baby changes my perception of love)…

Seriously these little things goes a loooonnggg way!

More importantly, love is how Bounmee’s face always light up when he greets Bennett from a long day of  work even when he is tired. Love is how Bounmee gets on all four to play with Bennett, or how Bounmee is holding Bennett in one hand and the other hand is operating the cash register (Seriously, he proves dads can multi-task just as good as moms) or how Bounmee tries to squeeze as much time in his busy day with Bennett.


Sometimes I can just stare at Bounmee when he is having his dad-time with Bennett (BTW he calls this my stalking behavior). All I know is my love for Bounmee has deepen even more so with Bennett which is why I have captured as many photos as I did of Bounmee and Bennett so Bennett will grow up knowing his father was always there for from day 1.

Seriously, he is a phenomenal father! I can’t believe at one point in my life, I was scared that we would lose the love we have for each other because of a baby. Honestly this little guy is such a blessing! Life really has never been better!



Did you see the photos above??? (***Yes that is poo on his white t-shirt) I was not kidding when I say phenomenal father! This should have been a father’s day post- well it’s still June lol.

Well do share how baby changed your relationship- I love your feed back!

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