My stance on baby signs!

Hello friends~

How do you communicate with your infant/toddler? I have been talking to my son since he was in my belly…but now that he is 1, trying to reason can be extremely difficult.

F.Y.I He had three tantrums today…seriously where is my glass of wine?

I was introduced to baby signs (which derives from American Sign Language, ASL)  from the daycare that my son was going to. And, to be honest- I did not follow through (guilty!) because I doubted it would work. I have no real reasons as to why I doubted it, aside from my own ignorance.

Trying to teach (ASL) to a 6 month old baby is something new to myself/my family and frankly, I don’t really think a 6 months old can comprehend it. I have been reading up on baby signs and yes, researches actually backs it up!


I am going to proceed and teach it to Bennett (he is 1 years old)! I will have to admit, I regret not teaching him ASL sooner.

The perks of baby signs:

1.) Research states that teaching baby signs can help with cognitive and speech development (now this doesn’t mean your baby is going to be a genius).

2.) Your baby will be able to communicate (express his/her needs) with you faster (as early as 6 months), which can reduce frustrations on both, you and baby!

3.) Bonding! A lot of 1:1! Quality time spent with your child! Can’t beat that!

Check out these resources to start teaching ASL to your little ones:
Baby Signs: How to Talk with Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk, Third Edition

There are many videos but the very basic ones that I found helpful were:

***Please note, I do not own any of the videos.

Teaching Baby signs to babies (like anything else) requires a lot of patience and consistency so wish me good luck!!! I will keep you guys posted in a month and let you guys know how Bennett does!!

Let me know what your thoughts are on ASL for babies and whether or not you used it or plan to use it with your little ones.

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