Night Out

I recently had a lovely night out with the ladies!!! Which let me remind you, a night out for me does not happen too often. Probably every blue moon.

Anything with the ladies screams: Doll-Up!


Adding to this, as a mom, my night out in my 30’s looks a bit different than my 20’s.

The ladies and myself had a delightful dinner at Il Fornaio for Lisa’s birthday. It was last minute planning by myself and Mai. And forgive us, this is a belated birthday celebration—belated-anything is probably more common as our lives get more and more busier and crazier.

Let me just say the whole evening was PERFECTION!!! I have photos to prove it as well so follow along:


We had Italian in a gorgeous patio setting. The atmosphere was just impeccable! Making the night even more perfect was an Il Fornaio Staff (unknown name) with a ginormous opera voice who serenaded Lisa the Happy Birthday song!


Following dinner, we, ladies decided to take a stroll at the Capital. This was quite late, probably around 9ish (PM). 9 PM— is late in my world!


To add to our night, was FIRE WORKS!!! Oh-My-Goodness!!! I seriously cannot think of a better way to end the night!!! I mean, the only time I see firework is during July 4th and to see it in August?!? My excitement cannot be contained!!! EEEKKKKK!!!!

***I should probably just add in here that the fireworks was just something in the near distance, but we got a great view of it! It was not planned by myself nor Mai, it was just mere luck—being at the right place at the right time! Assuming the fire works is at the Raley Field/ baseball game.


The surprise here is Arli and Nancy are both expecting. I seriously am excited for the new addition to their growing family! Baby reveals are extremely exciting!!! So we are excited for Nancy’s baby gender reveal coming up in September 2017!!!


Got home a little past my curfew 10:30 PM—baby and Bounmee were already sound asleep.



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