Bennett’s learning progress


Bennett loves books!!! I just hope his love for book does not decline as he gets older because there too many stimuli (i.e. games, Televisions, iPad , ect.) out there. I don’t think it will if I keep reading to him…

Bennett loves all types of books!!! Our living area is covered with Bennett’s books (and toys). From farm animals books to jungle animals books to car books and airplane books! Mr. Bennett loves them all!!! But his favorite books are these interactive books!!!


I have to say these books are amazing for infants to three years old!!! It makes reading and learning so much fun!!!

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Simple First Words Let’s Talk

I have been feeling so motivated to read to this lil guy because I am actually seeing some progress (as noted in the video above).

Let me back track…

I have been reading to Bennett since he was 6 months old. Not going to lie, I did not see anything remarkable about reading to a 6 month old baby. Half the time, he zones out (that part, he gets it from dad LOL)…and honestly, doesn’t feel so good when someone is not paying attention to you, but guys, I get it, this is a baby! Gotta give him a break! Hehehe

I did not see much progress at first but yet, I kept at it. And I am happy to share with you guys that I finally I can say that I am seeing progress!!! It is soooo exciting!!!

He is learning soooo fast! It is soooo exciting, I know I said that already!!! You mommies out there know what I am talking about!

Here are more reasons to read to your little ones!!!

1.) Bonding time!!! Calling all parents out there, I know you are busy! But sit down and spend some time with your child/children. These are moments that will bond you and your little one/ones for years to come. Hey, if you don’t’ start now, don’t complain when they are teenagers and do not listen to you. It starts now!!!

2.) Prepare your little ones for Kindergarten!!! You are your child’s first teacher!!! Make it count. The more prepared your little ones are, the more they will thrive in a school setting, thus they will not detest school—WIN-WIN!!!

3.) Increase vocab/ grammar/ phonics!!!  Your child’s little brain is like a sponge- just soaking up information left and right! Honestly from 0-4 years old, the brain development is mind blowing!!! This is why children around this age can pick up 2 languages at the same time…

Hmmm…makes me think I must teach my son Hmong! Kuv yuav qhia kuv tus me nyuam lus Hmoob (This basically translate: I will teach my child Hmong language). Bennett is fortunate in that his father/his grandparents are Laotian and so he may possibly be able to pick up three languages: English, Hmong, and Laos—key word here is ‘may’ lol. More on my thought about being Bi-lingual in a different post!

4.) Create a life long learner!!! All child/children wants learn! The brain is so fascinating! Look into brain plasticity if you are interested in understanding more about the amazing and complexity of the brain! I would encourage you to keep reading for your own brain health too! (Exercise: read books and physical actual cardio/weight exercise to strengthen your brain)!

Since Bennett has masters this Simple First Words Let’s Talk book, the next thing on our syllabus are colors and numbers!!! With these books: Simple First Words Let’s Say Our Colors and  Simple First Words Let’s Say Our Numbers

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