My thoughts on Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps

Hello all~

I have been trying out the Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps method to pay off my debts and to live frugally. I discovered Dave Ramsey this year and I wish I had discovered him sooner.

I love Dave Ramsey’s approach to paying off debt and living a debt free life! He breaks it down into 7 easy steps to follow.

Baby step #1.) Have 1000 in emergency fund

Baby step #2.) Pay off your debt: starting with the smallest amount and using the snow ball effect working towards the biggest debts.

Baby step #3.) Build an emergency fund (at least 3-6 months of savings)

Baby step #4.) Invest 15% in your retirement

Baby step #5.) College fund for your child/children

Baby step #6.) Pay off home early

Baby step #7.) Build wealth and give (giving is a component of Christianity AKA tithe).

It is Christian-based! I just want to throw it in here that my family and I are not Christian and I also know people who are not Christian and have been able to apply this approach to their life! You can follow the steps easily and just leave out the religion part if you do not like, just be open minded.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have random credit cards here and there, along with my student loans I took out while in grad school. To add to this financial chaos, I have my auto loan too…I was doing the typical-adult-thing!

My mentality was that student loans were good debt and was a need (not a want)…it’s what my economic teacher in high school had highly recommended for the entire class.I have a friend who was in the same econ class who can attest to this. As high school seniors, we both applied to college with this mentality that we will take out as many student loans as possible to get through college.

A decade later, I dug such a big hole! It was hard to crawl out of…but after discovering Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps, I gained more courage to tackle this my financial crisis!

You can learn more about the Baby Steps on Youtube or through Dave Ramsey’s book: Total Money Make Over. I especially enjoy listening to the Debt Free Screams, and also the Millionaire Stories (You can easily check it out on Youtube). Hearing these stories motivate me to stay on track!

According to Ramsey, “Personal finance is 20% head knowledge and 80% behavior.” I can attest to this. You have to want it enough and really stay “gazelle focused!” To help you stay on track, Dave Ramsey has this easy to use budget app: Every You can check it out here:

What I have given up:

Lash extensions!!! (Where is my bawling emoji!??!)

Lash extensions makes such a dramatic difference in my appearance, it was one of the hardest thing to give up! But I did!!! I have been doing my lashes since 2013 religiously!!! I even had my lashes touched up before my son’s due date so I can look decent! I mean, it was LITERALLY that important!!!!

It has been 4 months since my last lash extension and I miss my lashes but I am loving my savings accounts (the $$$ now goes towards my son’s college saving account)!

Lash extensions adds up!!! Seriously!!! Here in Sacramento, a whole set can range anywhere from 150-300.00 and a fill can range from 30.00-120.00 (depending on the amount of time, and how frequently you visit your stylist). And you honestly want to go with someone who knows what they are doing because PPL these are your EYES!!! And beauty is in the EYES of the beholder! Ok—You get my love for lashes…this was the hardest sacrifice! Ok now I sound ridiculous…but the struggle is REAL!

(I am going off tangent here…sorry)!

What is working for me:

Living on a budget!!!

Not going to lie: living on a budget sucks! It is probably one of the most stultifying task, but it works! It takes discipline! A LOT OF DISCIPLINE! Living on a budget is as real as ADULTING can get!

What I like about living on a budget:

I am in control of my money. I direct my hard earned money exactly where they go. I don’t look at my bank account and wonder how it mysteriously disappeared. Interestingly, I am less stressed!

Living on a budget will always be interminable but it is gratifying and it is a lifestyle choice for me.

Please note: This post was not sponsor nor am I trying to promote Dave Ramsey. This is just what I found helpful for me! Probably by far the most effective tool for me this year!!!



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