~Green Mustache~

My morning breakfast normally consist of a green smoothie! It is a healthy start to get me going! And with my busy work schedule, it is by far the easiest way to get my daily intake of vegetable.


***I am not a nutritionist/dietitian please refer to your dietary needs with your doctor/ nutritionist or dietitian. But just for educational purpose, I am going to quote GOOGLE: “According to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, you should consume between five and 13 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.”

The green smoothie is the way to go!!! I have been drinking the green smoothie drink for over 3 years now and I love it!

In fact, I used to drink it for lunch as well, and accidentally sport my green mustache at work! Yes- I look ridiculous (SMH) and I can not believe my co-workers had a full 1 hour convo with me and did not tell me that I had a green mustache! I completed a 1 session of therapy with a client with my green mustache and then, afterward discovered I had it…sigh… Hehehe Story of my life!

I used to follow recipes but now, my recipe is: whatever green and fresh in the fridge goes in the blender! Pretty simple and this fits my busy lifestyle!

This morning I managed to squeezed in a few minute to make one for myself, Bounmee and Bennett! I always encourage Bennett to drink his green smoothie. I am not promoting a vegan/vegetarian diet but, this boy absolutely detest fruits and veggies (at least he does now). So to get him to drink his greens, I offer him first the greens before snacks or his main course. In fact, he does not like me very much because of this lol but I know how important it is for him so I offer it to him multiple times this morning. Eventually he accepted it and took a few sips from it.


Look at his green mustache!!! He sorta has a green goatee too LMAO!!!

If you ‘mustache’ what’s inside our green smoothie this morning:
1.) Chia seeds (I freaken love these amazing seeds!!!.
2.) 2 cups of Spinach (My favorite greens).
3.) 1 cup of Kale (Power food here!!!).
4.) 1 Green Apple (any fruit of your choice—I prefer just a simple apples or bananas).
5.) A quarter-a half of an avocado (absolutely a must if you want your smoothie creamy/smooth)
6.) 2 cups of water (you can substitute for almond milk/ coconut water but in our fridge/house, water was what we had handy).

Blend -Blend- Blend!!!

Drink ASAP or chill it in the fridge! Me-personally, I like it fresh so drink right away!

TGIF!!! Happy Friyay! Get your green mustache/goatee on!!!

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