Sweet summer 2017…

With our busy schedule, (I work full time and Bounmee is self-employed) time with our son is pretty scarce! We try to make every second together quality family time! (Key word here is: Try).

Quality from one person to another is pretty subjective…so in this post, my idea of quality family time is simply time spent together without any distraction from social media/technologies/ect. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some tech— but family time comes first!

Although quality time doesn’t always happen since more than half the time we are trying to keep up with the house/ running errands— I still find it pretty fun since we are all together and making the most of what we have.

Recently we took our normal evening walks around the neighborhood, I just couldn’t help but to contemplate of how much I will miss these summer evenings. I know next year we will continue this walk but it will be slightly different since Bennett will be 2 years old!!! (Bawling emoji goes here).


Reflecting back to last year, Bounmee and I walked down this very same path, but with an infant all bundled in muslin cloth in our arms…and the year before that, it was just us two walking hand-in-hand with amorous thoughts of how many kids we’d like to have and what that would be like. And two years later, here we are either chasing Bennett or strolling down this bumpy path in his little blue buggy. Sigh…the days, weeks, months, and years seem so evanescent…Oh sorry, I sorta got lost in a bittersweet reverie here, but my little guy is growing too fast.

The first day of Fall is just right around the corner (September 22, 2017) and as much as I love Fall…I will miss Summer for its longer days. The luxury of day light savings permits my family and I to take our evening walks and watch happy people cavort in the parks…


As you can see, the evenings are a bit more chilly now and I have to bundle up my little guy a tad-bit more. The nights are already a bit shorter and because of this, we try to hurry back home before it gets dark. This little guy, he is rather devious and ingenious! He vividly remembers the path and he often takes the lead and guide us back home (at his pace). He is so intrigued by all the dragon flies, airplanes flying above us and little rocks and ants along this path so our walk is often longer because of this.

I can’t really stand the summer heat, but most summer evenings were rather cool and serene. I am elated for Autumn’s longer nights (because not going to lie, I can ALWAYS use a few more hours of sleep). I anticipate lots of shower..so we’ll probably grab some rain boots/rain jackets if we want to continue our walks.

I would like to end this blog post with beautiful poem read by Sean Buranahiran from his youtube channel (Please note, I do not own any content of the video):

Hope you all enjoy the last few days of summer!!!





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