Family Photo Shoot Fall 2017



This year I was hesitant to do a photo shoot because of my horrible experience last year with a photographer (just to be professional, I will not name him/nor his business), but I will add in here that I ended up having to make a report to Better Business Bureau and almost having to take him to small claims court (seriously!?! over photos!?!)—sums up my experience…uggghhhh…

But—let’s focus on the here and now…

ANNNDDDD—- let me just say I am sooooooooo glad I went ahead and did my family fall photo shoot. If you have not already know this but Autumn is my FAVORITE time of the year(!!!) so a photo shoot is NOT a want but becomes a NEED!!! Ok- my frugal self needs to get over myself lol….

So here are my family fall photo shoot:


Seriously…the scenery (behind us)…this is what I wait for all year…the trees changing colors. No time like Autumn!!!  Autumn LOVE is in the air!!! You can’t tell, but it was a chilly cold and foggy day…and in Sunny California, it quickly cleared up!

mom and bennett

I have no idea why Bennett kept sticking out his tongue with me. but with dad- he was perfect! Smile and no tongue! I guess he is silly and goofy like me 😉

See!!!! Here is the proof!!! Here he is with dad: the man we both fight over!!!! Seriously!!! I have to fight with Bennett over dad….I thought boys are more attached to moms, but its actually not the case here lol


IMG_4468Seriously…Bennett’s smile gets to me all the time!!! Beautiful smiles runs in dad’s family!!!! He got his beautiful smile from dad 🙂

IMG_4363Handsome little Hmong/Lao boy 🙂

IMG_4445Family FUN with the water fountain!!!! I love this photo…capture the family love!!!

IMG_4444More family fun!!! Despite my triple chin! LMAO

IMG_4463Awwwwe…I love this photo—because the three of us are sort-of-in-a-heart-shape!!! It’s so natural for the eyes to connect a heart here 😉


and hahaha lastly…this is our ‘Forever I’m yours’ pose…lmao…staring into each others’ eyes and falling back in love with each other—seriously it was funny!!!- To say the least!!! All and all: Gotta love my handsome man!!! Autumn is a time a to be thankful for all my blessings and this man is what I am so thankful for! He gives me loves and a handsome son and I can not ask for more…

Then he had to toss in Hawaii…and seriously??? I don’t know if I can take it…there is too much good things in my life and this has never happen to me before!!! Gotta pinch myself at times to see if this is a dream or my reality….


sigh…holy behold—it is not a dream!!! I can sleep and wake- knowing I am blessed with more love than I can ever ask for!!!

Many blessings to you and yours with the coming of the new year!!!!



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