New Year Resolution…(Sorta)

Seriously…it’s is exactly February 2018 and I want to write about MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION??? I know people write about these things in January. I am a little late on the game…but this year has just been…what is the word: unpleasant…ungrueling…hard…tough…(sniff sniff) I mean it, I am literally crying here!!!!

It has been one thing after another. I just can’t describe it.

1.) Medical bills (I discovered I have been diagnosed with Alopecia).  

2.) Traffic ticket (I know guys, I feel like a felon…lock me up already!).

3.) The list can go on….


I need to focus on the POSITIVES!!!

1.) I have the the most supportive person in the world on my side: Bounmee! The love of my life! 

2.) I have a silly kid…that brightens me-day! lmao…I know, I purposely wrote “me-day” and I am not even from Canada. Oh…forgive me, I follow this youtuber, she is from Canada and she always uses phrases such as, “Me-hate/ me-like/ me-day” so I sorta associate that with Canadians (Sorry guys, I should not generalized).

ok…what are my new year resolutions…get to the point Charlotte….


1.) I need to get my license!!! Working on my LCSW so I can open more doors and so currently studying hard…

2.) The usual…(what is the the usual, you ask?)

2a. Be more organized

2b. Be more efficient (which would help if I was more organized…I keep losing that dang key…seriously! The struggle is REAL).

2c. Exercise (seriously…when was the last time I even touch my toes…can I even touch my toes…sorry I just digress). 

2d. Learn how to use the cricut…and scrapbook (but only if I can manage my time wisely…remember I work full time too and I am also a mom). 

3.) Find my balance…inhale positivity and exhale negativity.

4.) Read more books; like Dr. Suess says, ” The more that you read. The more things you will know. The more that you will learn. The more places you will go.” So…perhaps to toss in here with reading…is traveling (hehehe I wish, right!).

Ok…needless to say, it’s just a list because everyone should have one!

Let me know what your new year resolutions are…it does not matter if it’s in February 2018 and we are talking about New Year Resolutions. We defy the odds…sorta.

Enjoy your day guys!!! Sending you all positivity energy and virtual hugs!!!



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