My thoughts on Bennett turning 2…

So big news…sorta…20161013_075821It is happening…my baby is turning 2!!!

before you read more…this is uuummm….my confession of a clueless-child-therapist turned to an-even-more-confused mummy! (I meant, mommy).  

I’m shrieking inside because a part of me can’t fathom that I will be a mom for 2 years- like really?!? Where has the time gone??? How exciting!!!

And…then the other part me is dreading the terrible 2s…like how some women dread  menopause. Fun fact, in my women study course (way back in my days), menopause symptoms does not exist in certain culture!

The Terrible Twos…

So now I am questioning: The correlation between the terrible 2s and what the media/societal portrays and does it really exist??? Is it like menopause in certain culture is exists and others, it does not?

Now I feel like I am comparing apples to oranges…

Not going to lie…The terrible 2s really do exist for my son! He is really a fireball!!! He is full of energy and he has no idea what he wants, and I have no idea what he wants…and I am just as confused as he is…like, what does he want???


From a child therapist’s stance…this is perfectly normal for a two year old to want to be more autonomous! More assertive! Mores frustrated! Reasoning is often difficult. Yadi-yadi…you get the gist…in one nutshell: all normal development. And I as the parent, I must do what normal American parents do: set limitations, have age appropriate consequences. Not really sure how I will carry this out. I try to put my son on time out but it is hard when I see all the croc’s tears!

Ok…back to Bennett turning 2…we plan to visit the San Diego Zoo!!! Because…Bennett totally deserves it! He is like a sponge! He soaks everything in! He knows all the animals, and he is not afraid to correct you too. I feel the need to feed his brain cells! Hey, he might be the next Einstein…or Mark Zuckenberg…or Bill Gates!!! A mom can dream…

So…what advices do you have to offer for me as I brace myself for this year! The year of the dog (Chinese New Year)! hmmm…maybe I should click here to see what year of dog entails, or what luck it will bring me…lol random thought–TOTALLY!

Enjoy the rest of your night…this post was totally word vomit! The main thing this: My son is turning two in two more months and I have been a mom for two years…all those theoretical frameworks from Erikson, Piaget, Freud, Mahler all sorta helps but really…nothing like real world experience! There should be a TV Series: Mom Meets World…hmmm…well if that ever comes out, remember you heard it hear first!





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