Life Lessons Reflection

Back in my 20s, when I thought I knew it all, life was really invincible! College! Heart breaks! Friendship break ups! Weekend parties! Late night drinking! Not to mention the hang overs! YOLO mentality! It did not matter what you say to me, because I had the answers to everything...or so I thought. aahhhhh...naiveties... I realized I know nothing at all. [...]

How to become LCSW

So...what are the process to become a License Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Becoming a LCSW is a long and arduous process and it may or may not be some of you social workers out there. Let's start at the beginning... First, obtain your Bachelors Degree in either Psychology or Social Work, or any field, with [...]

My thoughts on success

What is success? This is very subjective depending on who you are, and what your values and beliefs are. Well before I go on...I'm sure many stranger, family or friends have asked you guys this infamous question: What do you do??? I often cringe whenever I hear that question. It's the one question  that correlates to [...]