Is this wrong of me???

Hello there.

So…yesterday was a very special day(Let me just add in here that I wrote this post a day ago)! It was Bounmee’s birthday. I won’t give away how his age – sorry guys. I’m sure he won’t mind if I do tell. But at the same time, I don’t know too because he is very much a private person.

So tell me if this is ok and if you guys are guilty as well.

He simply told me he honestly did not want anything for his birthday…no gifts, no dinner with the family, he simply asked for a simple day to relax.

And what did I do???

I go with it…to some extend.

I decided that I will woo him the same way he did to me many years ago when we first met. That was many years ago and it was so random. After many dates, Bounmee, took me to Sunglass Hut and told me to pick any sun-glass. I told him, like seriously I don’t wear sunglasses because of my nose bridge. My nose bridge can use a little lift, just saying.

But anyhow we walked out with a sun glass-that to my surprise, fitted my face. Oh my…I won’t mention the price tag here since little ole me, is use to buying 15.00 sun glasses from Forever 21 lol

Fast forward to March 3, 2018, I ended up getting Bounmee this specific sun glass from Nordstrom because I absolutely love their return policy, and the sale-person was doing a pretty darn good job. But my decision to get it ultimately fell on how much I know Bounmee needs and actually utilize his sun-glass on the road. And let me remind you, he is often on the road and he has really sensitive eyes.  

So is it wrong???

Is it wrong of me to give him a gift on his birthday when he asked me to not get him anything??? Before you answer, let me interrupt, If buying the love of my life a simple birthday gift is wrong than  I don’t want to be right!!! hahaha I simply think Bounmee is SPECT—TACULAR!!! Overall, it is a practical gift, or so I think.

***Disclaimer: No affiliate link on this page


Aside from the tiny gift, we had a grand time with each other!

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