My C- Section experience

This post is by no mean to promote C-Section. This is just my experience.

I always knew I was going to go for a C- Section. I am not sure why that is, perhaps because I want a short and fast delivery. If I really dig deep, it is probably because I witnessed a live delivery and also a video in health education as a freshmen in high school- both of which were very traumatic.

Bounmee was very supportive of my decision for a C-Section. We discussed all the risks and benefits with my doctor. My doctor was supportive of my decision and thought I was a good candidate for C-Section. I was very confident and happy with my decision.

Then I started telling my family, friends and coworkers. Which I don’t know if that was a smart thing to do at the time. There were many advice, and tips and stories from him, from her, and them. One story that stood out for me was of a relative’s wife who underwent a C-Section and to this very day, the skin around the incision is still numb and at times, even painful. This story had me on the fence…

By 6-7 months in my pregnancy, Bennett was growing big and fast! My doctor did some testing on me and found out that I had gestational diabetes so my diet was changed completely to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

By 7-8 months in, I discovered that I had Pre-Eclamsia…honestly I haven’t even heard of this condition. One of the seriousness of Pre Eclamsia is that it prevents blood and oxygen to baby. My doctor says that because of this, my pregnancy may have to be induced.

To add to this, my doctor was feeling me and she reported that I may also have a big baby which may put baby at risk for shoulder dystosia. this is def. not what you want to hear when you are 8 months in.

Fast forward—I had my C-Section. It was nerve wrecking looking at the bright lights beaming straight into my face, lying on the operational table.

Always consider the risks and complications, C-Section is not for the faint of heart. It is a major operation and you need A LOT OF SUPPORT!

Walking hurts, and if you live in a two story home, don’t even think of climbing the stair, that will hurt too. Vacuuming hurt too, climbing into bed hurt, lifting your leg into the bath tub hurts too. And, the worst thing in the world is if someone makes a joke…because laughing hurts too!!!!

It’s almost two years since my C-section op and if I can do it all over, I would still go for a C-Section. I have no regret what-so-ever. I had a speedy and fast recovery and no complication at all.



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