Food for thoughts

My thoughts on Bennett turning 2…

So big news...sorta...It is baby is turning 2!!! before you read more...this is confession of a clueless-child-therapist turned to an-even-more-confused mummy! (I meant, mommy).   I'm shrieking inside because a part of me can't fathom that I will be a mom for 2 years- like really?!? Where has the time gone??? How exciting!!! And...then [...]


New Year Resolution…(Sorta)'s is exactly February 2018 and I want to write about MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION??? I know people write about these things in January. I am a little late on the game...but this year has just been...what is the word: unpleasant...ungrueling...hard...tough...(sniff sniff) I mean it, I am literally crying here!!!! It has been one thing [...]

Sweet summer 2017…

With our busy schedule, (I work full time and Bounmee is self-employed) time with our son is pretty scarce! We try to make every second together quality family time! (Key word here is: Try). Quality from one person to another is pretty in this post, my idea of quality family time is simply time spent [...]